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Poble Rural Puig Arnau – Pubilló follows the recommendations of the World Hearth Organization (WHO), the Ministry of Health and the ICTE to safeguard the welfare of team members and customers during the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) se we inform you that we have taken the following measures: – Continuous[…]


A different space for conventions

When the ENVIRONMENT really matters. Puigarnau-Pubilló Events proposes 2 meeting rooms totally equipped as well as different outdoor facilities and we provide solutions to ensure the success of your tailor-made seminar or event. Puig-Arnau Pubilló, a private estate of 250 hectares, 12 fully restored farmhouses, en-suite bedrooms, spacious common rooms.[…]


Las “Dones de Fum i Aigua”

The “Dones de Fum i Aigua” (women of smoke and water) seemed to be ugly curled up old women with untidy hair and dirty torn dresses. If they let themselves to be seen as they really are, they would be astonishing, fascinating and amazing in people’s eyes. However, it’s at night or in the wee hours[…]