Solsona and Solsonès

Discover the nature 1:30 h driveway from Barcelona




Strolling through Solsona you enter a city full of history and deep-rooted traditions that are evident on every corner of the old town, a city that offers bestiary and giants, a knifemaking tradition and artisan food.

la-vall-de-lordLa Vall de lord

On the North of the Solsonés region, nearby the Pyrenees, you will find this beautiful unexplored valley surrounded by outstanding mountains and centenary traditions.

El SolsonésSolsones

Solsonés is found in the Pre-Pyrenees among wild mountainous spots and calmer crop fields. Its large forests and abundant water in rivers and reservoirs create a great landscape contrast. It is called “the thousand farmhouses region”. It offers the possibility of several sport practicing or discover the Neolithic, Romanesque or Gothic jewells in the most unsuspected corners.