Facilities and services


Corner of the former trades

This open air museum is an espace destined to show the trades that were practised in high mountain areas by our ancestors. They have their origins in the needs of society of the time.


Our animals

Poultry farm: hens, chicken,quails, partridges, pheasants, peacoks and ducks. Others: sheeps, horses, mares, colts and a donkey.


The botanical garden

A signposted tour will lead you to the Botanical Garden with  near hundred varieties of plants and trees autochthonous of the region. The tour begins near the countryhouse “La Caseta” and its aim is of preserving, supporting and spreading the different species.


The chapels

Romanesque churches are a part of the lanscape of the region. We can found an exemple in our Rural Village Puig-arnau Publilló, San Juan Chapel.